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Our Team


We are committed to serving our guests with compassion and dignity.

Scott Kerman

Brenda Ray Scott, CFRE

Julie Showers

Kristi Katzke

Debra Fresh

Erik Schram

Ross Sears

Brittany Brock

Kathy Finkle

Emily Reiling

Jon Seibert


The Blanchet House Board of Directors volunteer to provide leadership and governance for promoting, advocating, and supporting its long-held mission to aid those in need.

Jerry Quinn

Dan Petrusich

Jim Mullaney

John Christianson

Emily Harrington

Thom Faller

Janie Marsh Gullickson

John McGuigan

Bill Reilly

Alisa Sinnott

Rich Ulring

Diane Whidden


Meaghan Bradley-Bussell, Becker Capital Management, Inc.

Peter Brown, EBI Public Affairs

Olivia Cutler, Epiq Global

Brendan Dineen, Malarkey Roofing Products

Grant Feltz, Wieden + Kennedy, Inc

Samantha Ferguson, RN Riverpoint Medical

Julia Ford, Thinkshout

Arianna Fouad, Papa Murphy’s International

Liz Scott, Metro

Bryan Showalter, USI

Caroline Turco, Liberty Mutual Insurance Corporation


The founders and past board members have devoted their time, skills, and funds to the mission of Blanchet House. Through good times and bad, they committed themselves to the mission to ensure that the legacy of the organization far surpassed their time.

Thank you Mark Auxier, Jim Christianson, Gene Feltz, Steve Feltz, Dave Gunderson, Katie Hennessy, Mike Haglund, Laurie Kelley, Kim Lusk, and James O’Hanlon Sr.

The founders of Blanchet Club and House include Jim O’Hanlon, Gene Feltz, Joe Moore, John Moore, Tom Moore, Dan Harrington, John Little, Hugh McGinnis, Pat Carr, Dan Christianson, Kev Collins, and Bernie Harrington.

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