Meet Our Staff

The Blanchet House & Farm team is committed to serving members of our community with compassion and dignity.

Elizabeth Ashworth

Day Center Services Coordinator

Shannon Chasteen

Kitchen Director & Executive Chef

Emily Coleman

Director of Programs & Services

Steve Cook

Director of Strategic Initiatives - Fundraising

Jennifer Coon

House Manager

Maggie Cornish

Resident Support Specialist

Ava Duckhorn

Day Center Assistant

Antoine Golden

Kitchen Manager & Sous Chef

Rick German

Farm Case Manager & Intake Coordinator

Kathy Finkle

Office & Operations Manager

Heidi Janowski

Volunteer & Community Engagement Manager

Kristi Katzke

Case Manager & Intake Coordinator

Scott Kerman

Executive Director

April O’Connor

Breakfast Chef

Ami Prevec

Day Center Services Lead

Duke Reiss

Peer Support & Housing Specialist

Ben Scheele

Development Coordinator

Havalan Sealy

Sous Chef

Michael Seid

Day Center Services Coordinator

Ross Sears

Farm Manager

Julie Showers

Content, Communications & PR Director

Meg Stark

Development Manager

Gabby Thuillier

Social Enterprise Manager

Danny Vanderzanden

Facilities Tech & Driver

Liz Walker

Day Center Lead


The Blanchet House Board of Directors volunteers to provide leadership and governance for promoting, advocating, and supporting its long-held mission to aid those in need. Learn more >

Mary Ann Walker


Jonathan Gonzales

Rich Ulring

Youssef El-Mansy

Michelle Lagos

Diane Whidden

Alan Rozendaal

Jim Mullaney


Jerry Quinn

Tim Clevenger

Tim B. Crippen


The Emerging Professionals Board serves as ambassadors of Blanchet House to grow awareness of our mission and to advocate for those we serve.
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Hafsa Barchi

Student at Warner Pacific University

Liz Bohinc


Nate Gallagher


Rohini Gosh


Matt Heldt

Tonkin Torp LLP

Alex Hutchinson

Miller Nash LLP

Betsy Katz

Management Sciences for Health

Kelsey McGinnis


Chris Partipilo

Clackamas County

Joel Tonneson

NAI Elliot

Sarah Wilson


Lauren Watt

Chamber Music Northwest

Garrett Wong



The founders and past board members have given their time, skills, and funds to support the mission of Blanchet House. Through good times and bad, they committed themselves to ensure that the legacy of the organization far surpassed their time.

Thank you to emeritus board members Mark Auxier, David Brands, Jim Christianson, John Christianson, Peter Christianson, Thom Faller, Steve Feltz, Janie Marsh Gullickson, Dave Gunderson, Emily Harrington, Katie Hennessy, Mike Haglund, Laurie Kelley, Robert Kim Lusk, John McGuigan, Ed O’Hanlon, Tim O’Hanlon, Dan Petrusich, Bill Reilly, John Parker, and Alisa Sinnot.

The founders of Blanchet (Club) House include Pat Carr, Dan Christianson, Kev Collins, Gene Feltz, Bernie Harrington, Dan Harrington, John Little, Hugh McGinnis, Joe Moore, John Moore, Tom Moore, and Jim O’Hanlon.

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We make a difference, one relationship at a time, through food, clothing, and supportive housing programs.


We welcome and serve meals to everyone with compassion and dignity. Join as a guest, a volunteer, a resident, a donor, or a supporter.


There are many people in immediate need of food, clothing, access to hygiene, shelter, community, and hope.


Your gift will help stabilize lives by providing meals, transitional housing, and other vital services to vulnerable individuals and families.