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Food Rescue Feeds Community and Helps Environment

America has a serious food waste problem and Blanchet House has a system to solve it! We’re a one-of-a-kind charity kitchen serving hundreds of people delicious meals daily thanks in part to food rescued from local grocery stores. All food scraps and leftovers are then taken to Blanchet Farm for the pigs to eat.

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People wait in line for a free meal at Blanchet House in Portland.

Small Acts of Kindness Help Homeless Survive

There is a way for everyone to help alleviate suffering in their community from volunteering to donating money. A seemingly small act of service can help improve someone’s situation, get them on their feet, and give hope for better days to com

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Jay Mac Exit Interview Blanchet House

Success Story: Moving On After Making Change

“A long time ago I didn’t have hope but now I do,” says departing and much loved Blanchet House resident, Jay Mac. You may remember Jay as a superstar cafe host who was featured in a KGW television news segment with Joey Harrington in 2018. Jay gained recognition from the

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Blanchet House resident Curtiss Goodwin welcomes a meal guest to the cafe.

Rebuilding His Life by Helping Others

If you have visited our café recently, you will notice there are a few changes that make the room feel even more welcoming. Decorative pumpkins line our windows, soy sauce packets are put on the table, and guests who knock on our windows after meal service receive a sandwich brought

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Men cook at Blanchet House as part of the life-rebuilding shelter program.

Finding Life After Prison at Blanchet House

After 18 years of wrongful imprisonment, Danté Farmer is free to create his future. Without any physical barriers, the Portland native is finding personal success working as Blanchet House’s assistant cook, an expert gang witness and a minister.  When released from prison, his attorneys thought Blanchet House would be a

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“I want my kids in my life so I must recover.”

Brian B. grew up in what he calls the “armpit of California”— the Mojave Desert region. It was an economically depressed area and there weren’t many job opportunities which resulted in the prevalence of crime, drugs and gangs. “I had my first gun pulled on me when I was 15,”

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Clint Blanchet House resident cooking

Forgiving Yourself is the Hardest Kind of Forgiveness

  “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Clint asks while reflecting on his journey to sobriety. For Clint, and for thousands like him, his addiction stems from both a genetic predisposition and past trauma. “I had a dysfunctional family. My mom suffers from schizophrenia. She had a schizophrenic

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Rebecca Cranor Volunteer

Volunteer Spotlight: Rebecca Cranor

Of the eighteen meals Blanchet House serves every week, only two are always the same: spaghetti for Wednesday dinners and pizza for Saturday lunches. These meals are consistently the most-attended of the week, with guests coming from near and far to dine on Blanchet House’s homemade red sauce and pizza

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Scott Kerman Volunteering_Blanchet House

Filling Our Cups With Service

By Scott Kerman “How do you do it?” That’s what I asked a volunteer who comes again and again in the morning to serve breakfast despite her very busy personal and professional life. She responded, “It fills my cup.” “That’s perfect,” I replied. Blanchet House fills our cups. It’s why

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How JD Got His Spark Back

Around Blanchet House JD is known as a calm, kind, reliable and wise leader. It’s hard to imagine that just a couple years ago he drank himself into a 10-day stay in the intensive care unit due to liver failure. “I lost my restaurants and catering business after the crash

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Dean Blanchet Farm photo by Julie Showers

From Jail to Farm: A Reason to Live

Growing up in San Francisco, Calif., Dean likely never envisioned he’d find sobriety among goats and pigs in rural Oregon. He was raised with his sister by a single mother who sold drugs to support her family. Without a baby sitter, she had her children ingest enough marijuana smoke to

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Blanchet Farm is Helping Men Rebuild Their Lives

Blanchet Farm in Carlton, Oregon which is operated by nonprofit Blanchet House in Portland has been offering a program to men struggling with addiction and homelessness since 1962. Danny Welch has been living at the farm for a year. He’s learned carpentry, worked on his sobriety thanks to therapy pigs

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Some may be wondering why we made a mad dash to Oregon

It was a last minute trip for sure. But, when the grace of God opens a door, you walk through it. Our second oldest son, Dylan Thomas, has struggled with addiction for years now. It has been a maddening, scary, lonely journey that none of us, including him, wants to

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“You can end up in a bad position pretty fast”

  After successfully graduating from JobCorps’ Culinary Arts program Christian slept on the couch of a friend’s apartment in Gresham. He found a job washing dishes at a prestigious athletic club in downtown Portland. It required him to take the MAX train every day which was an expense he hadn’t

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