2020 Impact on Homelessness in Portland

2020 was a year of incredible need and generosity. Blanchet House served more than 500,000 meals which is a 60% increase from 2019. Thank you for supporting our work to ease suffering.

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Christmas Day meals in Portland Oregon

Where to Eat for Free on Christmas Day

Places offering FREE hot meals on Christmas Day in Portland. Blanchet House does not serve meals on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day so that our shelter residents can enjoy a day of rest.

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A man walks past a homeless camp in Portland along the Willamette River directly across from the Moda Center, 2020.

Portland’s Homelessness Crisis: One Man’s Path Out

“You saved my life over and over again when I was sick and down and out. You cared enough to feed me when I was cold, wet, and dangerous. Thank you for caring. Thank God that I am alive and housed and working now. There are so many people with dual diagnosis camped out on the street. When you take those two together [mental illness and addiction] you have a mess on your hands. I couldn’t recognize my disorder at the time. It took a lot of help to get me to where I am today.”

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Food Rescue Food Waste Video How to Rescue Food Zero Waste Kitchen

Food Rescue Feeds Community and Helps Environment

America has a serious food waste problem and Blanchet House has a system to solve it! We’re a one-of-a-kind charity kitchen serving hundreds of people delicious meals daily thanks in part to food rescued from local grocery stores. All food scraps and leftovers are then taken to Blanchet Farm for the pigs to eat.

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People wait in line for a free meal at Blanchet House in Portland.

Small Acts of Kindness Help Homeless Survive

There is a way for everyone to help alleviate suffering in their community from volunteering to donating money. A seemingly small act of service can help improve someone’s situation, get them on their feet, and give hope for better days to com

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Jay Mac Exit Interview Blanchet House

Success Story: Moving On After Making Change

“A long time ago I didn’t have hope but now I do,” says departing and much loved Blanchet House resident, Jay Mac. You may remember Jay as a superstar cafe host who was featured in a KGW television news segment with Joey Harrington in 2018. Jay gained recognition from the

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Blanchet House resident Curtiss Goodwin welcomes a meal guest to the cafe.

Rebuilding His Life by Helping Others

If you have visited our café recently, you will notice there are a few changes that make the room feel even more welcoming. Decorative pumpkins line our windows, soy sauce packets are put on the table, and guests who knock on our windows after meal service receive a sandwich brought

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Lend a Helping Hand Brunch, March 7

Lend_a_Helping_Hand_Brunch_1200x630_Blanchet House

Rechargeable Lantern Drive


Fresh Food Rescued from Local Businesses

About Blanchet House

Inside Look at Portland’s Outdoor Homeless Shelters

Our History: Started in 1952 by a Group of Friends

Some of the founders of Blanchet House of Hospitality in the old kitchen circa 2011.

Some of the founders of Blanchet House of Hospitality in the old kitchen circa 2011.

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