Planned Gift Mike and Cheryl Cebula

To us, philanthropy is not just a responsibility but a blessing. We are grateful to be able to make a planned gift to this incredible organization."

Cheryl and Mike Cebula
Meet The Cebulas

Ways to Make a Lasting Impact

There are many ways to include Blanchet House in your estate planning.

Planned Giving - Bequests


Bequests may consist of cash, securities, or other assets, or the remainder of an estate. A will or living trust may qualify you for an estate tax deduction based on the bequest’s value. 

Planned Giving - Annuities

Gift Annuities

Pay a designee a fixed amount annually for life in return for a donation of cash or appreciated securities.

Planned Giving - Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) 

A CRT is a gift of cash or other property to an irrevocable trust. The donor receives an income stream from the trust for a term of years or for life and the named charity receives the remaining trust assets at the end of the trust term.  

Planned Giving - Life Insurance/IRA Beneficiary

Life Insurance/IRA Beneficiaries

Blanchet House can be named as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, and the donor can also transfer the policy irrevocably to Blanchet House.  IRAs listing Blanchet House as the beneficiary pass to Blanchet House free of estate and income taxes. 

Martha Soltesz

[My dad] taught me that if you have a piece of bread, you share it. I’m passing that philanthropic practice onto my grandchildren. Making this financial commitment will benefit generations beyond me, beyond my grandchildren."

Martha SolteszFounders Legacy Society member
Legacy Planned Giving Rhoni_Wiswall_Family_Photo_647x480

I wanted to show my children that one person could make a difference. Let’s build something that outlasts us all.”

Rhoni WiswallFounders Legacy Society member
Planned giving BH Founders Legacy Society_FSL_logo_2022 white

The Founders Legacy Society (FLS) was created to honor the many generous individuals and families who make planned gifts from their estates to Blanchet House.

To Join

  • Support Blanchet House with an estate plan gift. 

If you have provided for Blanchet House in a planned gift, but have not yet informed us, contact our Development Team at or 503-241-4340. You will receive a letter welcoming and confirming your membership in the society.

Benefits of Membership

  • Invite to special events.
  • Founders Legacy Society news.
  • Donor recognition.
  • Commemorative gift.

The Founders Legacy Society is strictly honorary in nature and involves no dues, obligations or solicitations.  

Grant and Gene Feltz

Let’s plan your legacy together

For more information about planned giving contact:



We make a difference, one relationship at a time, through food, clothing, and supportive housing programs.


We welcome and serve meals to everyone with compassion and dignity. Join as a guest, a volunteer, a resident, a donor, or a supporter.


There are many people in immediate need of food, clothing, access to hygiene, shelter, community, and hope.


Your gift will help stabilize lives by providing meals, transitional housing, and other vital services to vulnerable individuals and families.