How to Start a Campaign

Follow these steps:

  1. Choose a campaign then click “+fundraise” under the main photo.
  2. Create an account in Give Butter.
  3. Share your campaign with the community.
Start a Fundraiser

Fundraising Campaign Ideas for Blanchet House

Our supporters do amazing things to raise money to help our homeless and hungry community members.

Donate to a Fundraiser

Family Fun Run

Ask your community to sponsor a weekend walk or run. All proceeds will support Blanchet House’s services.

Calling All Friends!

Meg got her friends and family to raise money for water and relief during a heat wave.


Birthday Fundraiser

Get and give meaningful gifts this year! Ask friends to donate to Blanchet House on your birthday. Or your dog’s birthday!

Plates of food

1,000 Plates Challenge

Start a campaign to raise money for free meals for people experiencing homelessness or hunger.

Total Raised: $1,500