Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Hannah Cooper (She/Her) – Central Catholic High School
Jack Ensminger (He/Him) – Jesuit High School
Chase Kerman (She/Her) – Jesuit High School
Jamie Mack (She/Her)- Northwest Academy
Ellie Matteri (She/Her) – Grant High School
Emma Linder (She/Her) – Catlin Gabel
Kate Rodgers (She/Her) – Wilson High School
Olivia Schallich (She/Her) – Riverdale High School
Peter Ye (He/Him)  – Catlin Gabel
Alexia Valdez (She/Her) – Roosevelt High School

Meet Our Ambassadors




What Are Our Ambassadors Working On?

Blanchet House high school student ambassadors create mission-related projects geared toward building community and awareness. Ambassadors host clothing drives at their schools, interview policymakers, create classes to build an understanding of homelessness, and much more.

Hannah Cooper, Aisha Fukushima, Asukulu Songolo and M’munga Songolo

Human Dignity Summit

Hannah Cooper hosted a Beauty Beyond Size workshop at Central Catholic’s human dignity summit.


Coat & Blanket Drive

Lance Paglinawan with Jesuit High School Portland students and staff collected 8 bags of warm coats and blankets to hand out to our meal and housing guests.

Erika Bahena and Joann Hardesty

Video Interview

Wilson High School junior Erika Bahena interviewed Portland City Councilor Joann Hardesty

Thank you to our guest speakers and mentors

  • Calli Helldobler, Central City Concern, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Office Matthew Jacobsen, Portland Police Bureau, Neighborhood Response Team
  • Lizzy Acker, The Oregonian, Journalist
  • Ryan Deibert, Joint Office of Homeless Services, A Home for Everyone


Are you a professional working in the social services sector who would be interested in speaking to our group of ambassadors? Email Jon at

How to Help Someone Experiencing Homelessness

Water and Heat Relief

A volunteer pours water in a bowl for a homeless guest at Blanchet House in Portland.

Make Care Kits

About Blanchet House

Fresh Food Rescued from Local Businesses

Our History: Started in 1952 by a Group of Friends

Some of the founders of Blanchet House of Hospitality in the old kitchen circa 2011.

Some of the founders of Blanchet House of Hospitality in the old kitchen circa 2011.

Inside Look at Portland’s Outdoor Homeless Shelters

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