Student Ambassador Program

Blanchet House’s Student Ambassador program engages high school students in projects to bring awareness to homelessness. Ambassadors learn about the causes of homelessness and the services available in order to build support in their communities.

Student Ambassadors

Carolyn Paxton, Franklin High School
Jacquelyn Barnett, Mt. Scott Learning Center
Jamie Mack, Northwest Academy
Jeannie Feng, Jesuit High School
Kate Rodgers, Wilson High School
Nash Newton, Central Catholic
Ria Kamineni, Oregon Episcopal School
Sabina Alamo-Selis, Alliance High School at Meeks
Sofia Shurko, Sherwood High School
Sierra Smith, Lincoln High School
Sophia Fields, Catlin Gabel
Stella Banks, Riverdale
Tom Thake, Grant High School
Veronika Lizier-Zmudzinski, Jesuit High School
Violet Ashley, St. Mary’s Academy

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Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassador Projects

Blanchet House student ambassadors create mission-related projects geared toward building community and awareness. Ambassadors host clothing drives at their schools, organize events to build an understanding of homelessness, develop unique fundraisers, and much more.

Tom Thake, Student Ambassador

Shirts for Shelter

Senior Tom Thake created Shirts for Shelter, a t-shirt fundraiser. Tom and his classmates at Grant High School hand-printed the image they designed and donated the profits to Blanchet House. Learn more.

Violet Ashley, Student Ambassador

Coat Drive

Violet Ashley, a junior at St. Mary’s Academy, hosted a winter coat drive at her high school. She dropped off 218 pounds of coats for Blanchet House to hand out to guests experiencing homelessness. Violet also regularly volunteers to help serve dinner.

Nash Newton & Jenn Coon

Human Dignity Summit

Nash Newton invited Peer Support Specialist Jenn Coon to lead a workshop on ‘Experiencing and Overcoming Homelessness’ at Central Catholic’s Central State of Mind: Human Dignity Summit.

Sabina Alamo-Selis, Student Ambassdor

Sack Lunch Drive

Sabina Alamo-Selis hosted a sack lunch drive with her leadership class at Alliance High School. The class is participating in the CommuniCare program to develop leadership skills through grantmaking.

More Projects:

  • Kate Rodgers created a photography portfolio with images of our services to share our mission with her peers.
  • Jamie Mack raised funds to purchase Christmas gifts for the residents in our housing program.
  • Sierra Smith collaborated with a group of 5th and 8th graders for their end-of-year community projects.
  • Sophia Fields hosted a sack lunch drive at Catlin Gable.

Other Ambassador Happenings

Student Ambassadors also participate in activities to learn more about Blanchet House programs and connect deeper with our work.

Student Ambassadors learn about Beekeeping at Blanchet Farm

Beekeeping at Blanchet Farm

Student Ambassadors joined volunteer beekeeper Katy Fackler and Blanchet Farm residents. They learned more about the Blanchet Farm beekeeping program and how to move bees to clean hives.

Student Ambassadors Visit Blanchet Farm

Blanchet Farm Visit

Student Ambassadors visited Blanchet Farm to learn more about our rural recovery program. They went on a tour guided by our Farm Manager Ross Sears, met the animals, and painted ornaments in the woodshop.

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