Content, Communications, & PR Director

Julie Showers

phone: 503-241-4340 x 105

As the Communications and PR Director, Julie Showers focuses on sharing stories about the people who serve at and are served by Blanchet House. She directs public relations, communications, and content strategy, and acts as the key media contact for the organization. Julie manages the quarterly newsletter, website, social media, and other communications.

Recently, Julie spent time reporting on Jennifer Coon‘s work with Blanchet House’s guests experiencing homelessness and food insecurity. Julie’s photos and story were shared in the Oregon Health Authority newsletter and on the front page of the Catholic Sentinel.

Previously, Julie led the art and production department at Willamette Week as the Creative Director. Raised in Michigan, she attended Michigan State University where she earned a BA in Anthropology. After graduating from college, she moved to New York City where she worked in news media for 10 years before relocating to Portland. She also holds a Master’s of Strategic Communications from the University of Iowa. Julie lives in NE Portland with her family.