Free Cafe Blanchet House Meal Sponsorships

Become a Meal Sponsor 

Blanchet House’s daily meal services offer nutritious meals to people experiencing homelessness and food insecurity. 

Choose to Sponsor: 

  • 1 breakfast, lunch, or dinner 
  • 1 Weds. spaghetti dinner 
  • 1 entire day of meal services 
  • 1 week of breakfast, lunch, or dinner  


Contact our Development Team at or 503-241-4340 to discuss other ways to support our services and programs.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring a Blanchet House event or program will bring life-saving aid to individuals struggling in our community. See below for many ways to make an impact.


Lend a Helping Hand Brunch

Together we raise funds to bring food, clothes, shelter and hope to our fellow citizens experiencing homelessness, addiction, and poverty. Learn more

On the Ledge Art Show

A unique opportunity to purchase limited edition prints from a curated collection of local artists. Learn more

Annual Partnership

Support Blanchet House and Farm as an annual corporate partner. Learn more

Joey Harrington event sponsor Blanchet House brunch


Take on a stronger partnership with Blanchet House and further its mission by sponsoring one of the following programs.

We will promote your sponsorship across our communications channels.

Beekeeping lessons at Blanchet Farm in Carlton, Oregon. Photo by Julie Showers.
Sponsorship Tony art

Eric Schram Resident Enrichment Fund Sponsor 

Our residents participate in regular outings such as sporting events, concerts, trips to the museum, camping trips, and community events and celebrations to help them feel a sense of worth and normalcy. Help Blanchet House & Farm offer these pro-social opportunities to our residents by sponsoring opportunities to connect and heal. 

Blanchet Farm rural addiction recovery residential program 700

Welcome & Well Wishes Sponsor 

Many residents entering our program walk into Blanchet House with nothing but the clothes they are wearing.  Our welcome and well wishes gifts provide residents with a Blanchet House hat and shirt, clothing and shoes, and other essentials to assist them in successfully working in-house and in the community.  At the end of their completion of our transitional housing program, they are also given clothing and other essentials to take with them on their journey forward. 

Sponsorship Food Rescue Van Blanchet House

Food Rescue Vehicle Sponsor 

Ensure the sustainability of our zero-food waste program by supporting the fueling, upkeep, and maintenance of Blanchet House’s food rescue and delivery vehicles. Help Blanchet continue to put food in the hands of those who need it most.  

Two opportunities: 

  • Blanchet Farm Box Truck 
  • Blanchet House Food Rescue Van 

Blanchet Farm Program Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Blanchet Farm gardening

Garden Sponsor 

At Blanchet Farm, residents in recovery have the opportunity to spend time in nature tending the flower and vegetable gardens daily. Gardening provides a way to spend time outside which can be healing on its own. Sponsorships provide the necessary garden tools, seeds, starter plants, soil enhancements, and irrigation costs to maintain the gardening program.  

Sponsorship Jordan Blanchet Farm web beekeeping 700px

Beekeeping Sponsor 

The goal of the beekeeping program is to offer a meaningful activity that can help build soft job skills and regain self-worth. Program support includes hive maintenance and supplies, training, honey-making supplies, and beekeeper protective wear. 

Sponsorship Lucas Pattison wood board brunch 2022 700px

Wood Shop Sponsor 

They say that wood has a spirit.  The act of fixing something, building something, working together—is priceless to the recovery process for many men who didn’t realize they had woodworking skills prior to the program.  Sponsorships cover wood supplies, tools, visiting instructors, and upkeep of the shop. 

Sponsorship Blanchet Farm Food Rescue Danny 700

Animal Sponsor 

Animals are the heart of Blanchet Farm and offer unconditional friendship and emotional therapy to the residents living at the farm. The men, and many of the animals, find commonality in receiving second chances at life. Sponsor our farm animals for a year or a month by funding their food, vet care, and shelter costs. 

Thank You Annual Partners



We make a difference, one relationship at a time, through food, clothing, and supportive housing programs.


We welcome and serve meals to everyone with compassion and dignity. Join as a guest, a volunteer, a resident, a donor, or a supporter.


There are many people in immediate need of food, clothing, access to hygiene, shelter, community, and hope.


Your gift will help stabilize lives by providing meals, transitional housing, and other vital services to vulnerable individuals and families.