Collect and Distribute Rechargeable Lanterns for Houseless

On Weds, Dec. 16, a person sleeping in a tent along I-405 in Portland died when a candle they were using for light and heat caused a fire. Fire investigators said the smoke produced by the fire likely rendered the victim unconscious and unable to escape. Fire authorities estimate that they are receiving reports of tent fires two to three times a day in recent weeks.

We want to help our guests avoid this horrific fate by offering hand-cranked rechargeable battery-powered lanterns. Our staff selected an affordable, versatile, and easy to acquire lantern by Thorfire. The lantern also charges electronic devices like a mobile phone.

The lantern can be purchased for $14 from our Amazon wish list. Blanchet House will offer the lanterns to our guests experiencing homelessness during our daily meal services at 310 NW Glisan St. in Old Town.