Generosity in Action, a Planned Gift From the Cebulas

Cheryl and Mike Cebulas’ profound commitment to serving others inspired them to leave an enduring legacy with a planned gift to Blanchet House. A legacy that will transform lives for years to come.

Planned Gift Mike and Cheryl Cebula

Cheryl and Mike Cebula.

To us, philanthropy is not just a responsibility but a blessing. We are grateful to be able to make a planned gift to this incredible organization. The experiences we’ve had and the values we hold dear have truly touched our hearts and led us to this meaningful commitment.

Our first encounter with Blanchet House began when Mike volunteered in the cafe during his time at the University of Portland. Witnessing the dedication of the staff and the positive impact the organization had on those in need left a lasting impression. While working in downtown Portland, Cheryl often came across individuals sleeping in the doorway. It was during those moments that she was grateful to know about Blanchet House, a place where these individuals could find the care and support they needed.

These experiences, coupled with our religious faith, ignited a deep sense of care and compassion for Blanchet’s mission to serve others with dignity and respect while fostering hope and restoring faith. We knew we wanted to be part of this meaningful cause and make a lasting difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

As we’ve grown older, we’ve become increasingly aware of our blessings and the fact that our basic needs are comfortably met. This awareness instilled in us a sense of responsibility to assist those who are not as fortunate. We wholeheartedly believe in the importance of giving back to the community and helping those in need.

To solidify our commitment to Blanchet House, we have included the organization as a beneficiary in our wills. It was a decision that felt natural to us, knowing that dedicating a portion of our estate will help support Blanchet’s mission for years to come and create a positive impact on future generations.

We genuinely feel that we can make the most significant difference “behind the scenes.” By sharing our story, we hope to inspire others to find their own unique ways of contributing to causes they deeply care about.

We firmly believe that acts of generosity have the power to transform lives, no matter the scale of the giving. For us, philanthropy is not just a responsibility; it’s a blessing, an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world and touch the lives of those in need.

We are deeply grateful for the privilege to support Blanchet House and its vital work. Our planned gift will help the organization continue its mission and bring hope to countless individuals who are seeking a better life.

With heartfelt thanks and warm regards,

Cheryl and Mike Cebula

Join Us in Creating a Legacy of Compassion

We are profoundly thankful to the Cebulas for their extraordinary generosity. Their planned gift will empower Blanchet House to continue its vital work and bring hope to countless individuals in need.

If you’d like to learn more about how to support Blanchet House with a planned gift please call Kristi South at 503-241-4340 ext. 103 or email

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