Blanchet House Residential Program

What We Offer

Blanchet House is a free life renewal housing program located in downtown Portland.

  • Safe and sober environment
  • Shared two-man room
  • Community bathrooms and living rooms
  • All meals
  • All personal care items and laundry
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Case management
David working in the kitchen of Blanchet House.

A Work-Based Program

Residents are required to work in the kitchen or house for the first 90 days of the program. Duties may include:

  • Food prep
  • Cooking
  • Serving
  • Bussing
  • Dishes
  • Cleaning
  • Light maintenance of the building

Requirements for entry

  • Phone interview with Case Manager
  • Negative U/A test (except THC)
  • Desire to lead a life free of drugs and alcohol
  • Willingness to follow residential program requirements and expectations
  • Ability to perform duties in kitchen/dining and residential facilities
  • In-person interview with the residential program manager
  • Background check free of sex offenses/arson/recent violent offenses (convictions/pending charges)
  • Complete a 3-day working trial

PLEASE NOTE: We are not a detox, medical or treatment facility. 

Please call 971-337-8747 to speak with a case manager.

$50 will fund one man’s case management for a week!

About Case Management

Customized Plans

Case management refers to a collaborative and planned approach to ensure that a person gets the services that they need to move forward with their lives. The goal of case management is to empower people, draw on their strengths and capabilities, and promote an improved quality of life.

Our experienced Case Managers assess the individual needs of our guests, refer services, help coordinate care, provide guidance in determining life goals and focus on growth and life change.

Coordinated Care

Case Managers work with residents to ensure that they are engaged and supported with all necessary wrap-around services needed to successfully transition back into society.

We help our guests find needed care including:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Optical
  • Mental Health

Case Management Timeline

Upon entrance to Blanchet House every guest will meet with a case manager in the following capacity:

First Intake Interview
  1. Phone interview with a Case Manager. Needs assessment made.
  2. 3-day work trial.
  3. On entry guests will be given a Life Plan workbook. The case manager and guest will decide on goals to complete during stay.
First 90 Days

During the first 90 days, all residents work six days a week in the kitchen.

Guests will meet with Case Managers in the following ways.

  1. Meet with Case Manager once a week.
  2. Work on Life Plan with Case Manager. (The Life Plan contains eight recovery sections.) Life Plan sections include the following:
  • Medical
  • Emotional
  • Recovery
  • Financial/Legal
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Occupation/Education/Housing
  • Maintenance
91 Days and Beyond

After 90 days guests are able to find paid work outside of Blanchet House or attend school. Volunteer work is reduced to a few hours a week. Some guests may be offered paid commissary positions in the house such as driving, managing the Founders Cafe or maintenance work. Guests will continue to meet with their Case Manager in the following ways.

  • Case Manager will meet with guests once every two weeks.
  • Case Manager will continue to guide and support guest in development and completion of Life Plan.
Fourth Floor Residential Program

After completing the 7-month program some guests are invited to enter the fourth floor Transitional Living Program. Men receive a private room with a shared bathroom for 9 months.

Requirements for Fourth Floor Program:

  • Guests are invited by Case Manager
  • Fully completed 7 month program
  • Must be employed full-time or attending school full-time or a combination of both