Ross Sears

Farm Manager

phone: 503-852-0077

Ross Sears was born in Springfield, Oregon and moved to Portland in 1984.  Prior to becoming the Blanchet Farm Manager in 2010, Ross worked in the construction and concrete business for years.

As Farm Manager, Ross takes on a wide range of responsibilities. He manages all resident intakes, discharges and oversight. He is responsible for the care of the livestock, barn, buildings, kitchen, woodshop and farm property. Ross is passionate about supporting the men at the farm and subsequently works with different hospitals, courts, probation officers, social service agencies and families to ensure each guest is taken care of a helped in their journey toward recovery.

Ross has recently started his own 501(c)3 halfway house for men that graduate the Blanchet Farm program.  Simplicity House is located in Yamhill county and offers an added step for those needing sustained help in their recovery.  The Blanchet House is supporting Ross in achieving his Peer Mentoring Certificate.

In his free time, Ross enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his family and friends.

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