Volunteer Manager

Jon Seibert

Jon is excited to work with new and experienced volunteers at Blanchet House. He has been involved in education for most of his professional career, serving as a teacher in the Peace Corps and filling many roles at a publishing nonprofit. He and his wife began regularly volunteering for meal service as the COVID-19 crises unfolded, and he is eager to take on this expanded role.

Jon has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from UC San Diego with a minor in economics. He is an avid reader and runner is his off time. He and his wife are passionate baseball fans and always looking for new excuses to travel.

“Working in education has taught me the importance of community and perspective, and finding a workplace that reflects those values. Blanchet House has stayed true to its mission as so much in the world has changed, continuing to inspire with compassion and dignity. I am thrilled to work with these amazing people,” Jon says.