Debra Fresh

Farm Case Manager

Phone: 971-337-8745


Debra is a Case Manager and Intake Specialist at Blanchet Farm in Carlton, Oregon. She is responsible for all resident screenings and interviews, assisting residents with creating individualized recovery plans, and supporting them to maintain engagement in the program. She guides farm residents to achieve goals for sobriety, mental and physical health, employment, housing, and family reconciliation.

“What I like about the farm is the ability to work with guys to rebuild their self-esteem and help them identify who they are outside of their diagnosis.  I love the small-town environment of the farm and the values and community support offered to our residents,” she says.

Debra has worked for over 10 years with vulnerable populations including people experiencing homeless because of mental illness and addiction, low income and incarcerated individuals. She has two children and likes to spend most of her off days at sporting events or hiking with friends.

Debra Fresh Case Manager at Blanchet Farm