Reagan Fieweger

Reagan Fieweger holds her book of original poems.

Sixth-grader’s Poetry Fundraiser Raises $600 for Blanchet House

Inspired by her first responder parents and National Poetry Month, Reagan Fieweger decided to write and sell a book of original poetry for $2 then donate the money. 

Hi! My name is Reagan Fieweger and I live with my dad Tommy, my stepmom Jolyn, and my baby brother, Roman who is 14-weeks-old. I am a sixth-grade student at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Vancouver, Washington but I am currently being homeschooled during this pandemic and just found out that school is canceled for the rest of the year. Even though I am sad that school is canceled and I won’t get to see my friends anymore, I’m doing my best to have a positive attitude and help my family.

Everyone in my family besides my stepmom works in the medical field or is a first responder. My dad is a firefighter. I’m so grateful for them and I’m happy and proud that they are helping other people during such a challenging time for our country and our world. To give back to my community my dad, stepmom, and I volunteer at the Blanchet House monthly. Right now I am not able to volunteer because we are doing our best to practice social distancing.

The Blanchet House is a nonprofit social services organization that provides food, clothing, and housing programs for people in need. When I volunteer there I serve plates of food to anyone who is in need of one. Volunteering there teaches me to be grateful for the things I have but also helping people is a nice and kind way to give back.

During my homeschool “English’’ class I’m learning about poetry as April is National Poetry Month. My two favorite types of poetry are Haikus and Acrostic poems. I’m learning about a different poem every day and then writing one of my own. All the poems I create and write are original poems by me. I decided that since I’m not able to volunteer I could write and sell a book of my poetry then donate the money I receive to the Blanchet House. My parents are matching what I raise.

Reagan, Tommy and Jolyn Fieweger volunteer at Blanchet House.

Reagan, Tommy, and Jolyn Fieweger volunteer at Blanchet House every month.

You can contribute to her fundraiser by donating here!