Our Mothers

Blanchet House Mother's Day

Our Mission Began with “Mothers”

Beginning in 1952, Blanchet House of Hospitality offered meals to anyone in need thanks to the volunteer efforts of many uncelebrated women. Every morning they showed up to cook, serve, clean and give love in a communal effort to build a charity dedicated to alleviating suffering. Inspired by their works of service we created a way to celebrate and honor our “mothers” today. Do you have a mother who taught you compassion and the importance of serving others? Honor her my adding her name to our list.

Dorothy Day mother's day

Dorothy Day: Mother of a Movement

The model of a House of Hospitality was invented by Dorothy Day, a woman of radical compassion. Day co-founded the Catholic Worker Movement in 1933 to tackle the issues of social justice. One of the movements guiding principles is showing hospitality towards those on the margin of society. Every House of Hospitality has a mission suited to it’s community. Blanchet House of Hospitality is dedicated to alleviating suffering by offering meals, clothing and transitional housing.

“It is necessary to embrace poverty and the Works of Mercy, to feed, clothe and shelter people who were in need.” -Dorothy Day

Mary Grace McDermott: A Lifetime of Service

One of the many uncelebrated women in Blanchet House’s history is Mary Grace McDermott. From Machu Picchu to under the Burnside Bridge, Mary Grace, spent her life caring for the outcasts, the poor and the suffering with humor and love. Sometimes caring for one foot at a time at Blanchet House. Read her inspiring and fun interview. >>

We thank our mothers for teaching us compassion and generosity.

Betty Bell

Jamie Anderson

Jean Carlin

Nora Casale

Helen Carter

Helen Dieringer

Lois Ann Eastman, 1926-1990

Barb Ehli

Pearl Martine Eisenman

Laura Fenner

Madelyn Bartholomew Ferry

Mary Elaine Garrow

Madeline Gefroh

Vicki Golda

Mary Veronica Gorman

Madeline Harrington

Valerie Harrington

Patty Hatten

Carol Patricia Hayden

Maurine Hill

Ursula Honig

Cathy Horey

Margaret Jacobson

Shirley P Kengla

Margaret Knoll

Helen Kennedy

Vincenta Lamb

Margaret Lee

Rose Mary Maertens

Imogene McBurney

Elizabeth McCabe

Kay McDonald

Vera McVein

Helen Meier

Louise C. Moodie

Kate Moore

Mary Ellen Moore

France O’Hanlon

Terry O’Hanlon

Joanne Margorie Merrick Owens

Betty J. McGrath

Susie Opal Pappas

Mary V.H. Parker

Vivan Ream-Dierksen

Rita Reiling

Sandra Reiling

Rose Marie Reilly

Jeanne Rusko

Marie Showers

Mary Ulring

Marie and Maggie (White)

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