A Mother’s Day Card for Mom

Thank you for donating to Blanchet House in honor of a mom. Right-click on the Mother’s Day card below to save it to your computer or phone to print or email. Email us for help or questions at info@blanchethouse.org.

Blanchet Mother's Day Card 2022 to print

Right-click on the Mother’s Day card above to save it to your computer or phone to print or email. Email us for help or questions at info@blanchethouse.org.

Give Mom a Meaningful Gift

Donate in honor of a special mom and send her a card from Blanchet House. We will add your mom’s name to our mother’s tribute page. Blanchet House is able to offer delicious hot meals to anyone who comes to our doors thanks to the efforts and support of many incredible women. A 70-year history of women who volunteered to make food, donate clothing, and tend to children so others could serve in a communal effort to build a charity dedicated to alleviating suffering.

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My Mom: “I Strive to Be as Giving as Her”

Hannah Cooper is a senior at Central Catholic High School and a Blanchet House Student Ambassador. Frequently she volunteers in the community with her mom Traci Hambly.

“My mom taught me to always help out those around you because one day you may need their help as well,” Hannah says about her mom. “She also taught me to be kind and lend a helping hand to anyone because you don’t know a person’s background or struggles, so always be willing to help those around you.”

Furthermore, Hannah and her mom have been volunteering together since she was 7-years-old. She likes serving alongside her mom. It’s a way for them to bond and become closer.

 “Whenever we volunteer together she always adds a bit of spice to the activity and no matter what service we do, it’s a blast with her around,” Hannah says. “My mom helps out everybody around her daily. She is very much a giver. Every day I see her do small acts of kindness. Like, the other day she helped an older lady put her groceries in her car. She does so much for those around her, strangers and non-strangers, and I strive to be as giving and as helpful as her.”


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