Change for Change

Put Your Change to Good Use

Blanchet House change coin challenge catch

Invite your family and friends to gather up the change in their car, house or office. We’ll use it to feed and house the homeless and low-income people we serve.

You can also host a change collection jug in your office!

  • Sign out a jug from Blanchet House. We will deliver it to you! OR Print a sign here and tape it to your own jar.
  • Take a photo of your filled coin jug and share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  • Bring your filled coin jug to Blanchet House (310 NW Glisan) to pour into our coin counting machine. We’ll give you the total to share.
  • Email us about drop off or pick up at

Join our mission to alleviate suffering by donating your change!

Help us meet our goal! We’re raising $10,000 to fund our food and housing programs.


Take the Blanchet House Coin Catch Challenge!

Find loose change, stack it on your elbow, flip it, catch it, film it, post it and challenge a friend!

33¢ = 1 plate of food

Top Coin Collectors

Becker Capital Management Inc: $1070.15


Thank you to our coin collecting community!

Add your name to the list! Host a coin jar. Email

Air BnB
Avingrid Renewables
Becker Capital Management
Catlin Gabel
Encompass Realty
Papa Murphy’s
PBS Engineering and Environmental
Sera Architects
Staffing Solutions
Weiden + Kennedy

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