Portland Soccer Rivals Come Together to Make 10,000 Sack Lunches for Homeless

Senior Annika Holliday of Catlin Gabel School, and senior Harper Hummelt of Oregon Episcopal School, met while playing soccer against each other.

“There is always a friendly rivalry between Catlin and OES,” Holliday says. “We compete for the state championship, but now is the time to join forces!

Inspired to help those in need during the coronavirus-caused economic crisis they brought their schools together to make sack meals for the homeless and hungry served by Blanchet House. The even made a video to motivate their schools to participate.

Holliday continues, “We were inspired by the other high schools that had organized successful sack lunch drives. Making lunches is an easy way to help the most vulnerable in Portland and we knew our peers and their families would happily step up and join us! Blanchet House is an awesome organization and we hope that our schools will come together to help in the future even after the pandemic is finally over!”

Together the schools made more than 10,000 sack lunches that will be served to Blanchet House guests and to shelters throughout Portland.