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Phone Recharging Stations for People in Need

Phone Recharging Stations for People in Need

The goal of this fundraiser is to raise money to build mobile phone recharging stations for people in need in the Portland metro area.
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The goal of this fundraiser is to raise money to build mobile phone recharging stations for people in need in the Portland metro area. Each station costs approximately $300 to build. Any funds raised beyond our goal will be donated to Blanchet House for use in promoting communication access amongst their homeless guests. This campaign will provide at least three mobile charging stations to residents-in-need in Clackamas County. We are working alongside a wonderful service agency called LoveOne. LoveOne supports neighbors in need on a regular basis providing clean laundry, personal care resources, and community connections. Mobile charging services are proving to be a much needed and appreciated service for community members. To learn more about LoveOne, check them out at


The urgency of the need for this service came to light during the response to COVID-19 as many services dried up for communities in need. According to Scott Kerman, Executive Director of Blanchet House in Portland, “People experiencing homelessness have nowhere to charge their phones because the usual places—libraries and cafes—are closed. These mobile phone recharging stations allow non-profits agencies to offer people a way to recharge their phones. The ability to provide this service greatly helps people living on the street. Without charged phones, they cannot access information, communicate with family, look for jobs, look for housing, or file for benefits. In other words, they can’t do the things that can help them get off the street.”


We are partnering with a fantastic non-profit service organization called Blanchet House to roll out more charging stations that will be distributed to partner social service agencies. Blanchet House is committed to serving the homeless community by providing meals, clothing, and shelter programs. The initial “Blanchet Box” mobile charging station was the result of a working partnership with Blanchet House. We received input from the staff, then rapidly designed and deployed two stations at their facility in downtown Portland. The charging service has been a big hit with the community. They are able to charge 16 phones at a time for 20 minutes each.

About the mobile charging boxes:

– A simple and safe design

– Adjustable to support more users (base design charges 50 phones, 10 at a time)

– Easy to recharge 

– Easy to transport to where users need them

– Easy and fast to build

– Made from local materials 

– Low cost to manufacture (<$400)

– In compliance with social distancing


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